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Public Events

SLAC holds a variety of public events, including lectures and scientific conferences. If you are coming to SLAC to attend one of these events, simply follow the entry instructions below.  SLAC is not open to the general public.

If you are interested in a tour of SLAC, please see the Public Tours page. If you are interested in learning about other public events with SLAC, please see the Connect with Us page.

All Other Visits

Whether you are coming to SLAC as a casual visitor, sub-contractor, temporary worker, lecturer, student or other non-employee, in order to enter the SLAC campus, you will need to be invited by a SLAC employee. Your employee point of contact (POC) will guide you through the process of gaining entry and any other activities necessary for your work. See Entry and Access for more information on how to come to SLAC. If you wish to use SLAC facilities and resources to perform experiments or do research, please go to the Users page.

If you are staying at the Stanford Guest House, but do not have any business with SLAC, please present your government-issued photo ID to the security officer at the main entrance and tell them you are staying at the Guest House.

If you are a foreign national, please visit our Foreign Nationals page for information on additional entry and identification requirements.

Members of the media should contact the External Communications Manager prior to visiting.

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Before You Arrive
  • Please coordinate with your POC as soon as you know when you will visit, so that any required pre-arrival steps can be completed in time.
  • Once your visit is confirmed (and you have the appropriate visa), make your necessary travel arrangements. Visitor travel guidance can be found at:
  • Depending on your role and the purpose of your visit, you may be asked to provide advance copies of identifying documents and complete and sign certain forms.
  • If you require a SLAC computer account while working here, your POC will guide you through the process. You will be required to take Cyber Security training.
  • You may be required to take certain training depending on the nature of your visit. Minimum training requirements can be found at:
  • Ship any equipment you will need while here (if needed). Your SLAC POC will guide you through the process. (Note: Some items might be subject to export control, so please read through the information at:
  • ID and tag any equipment you intend to bring with you (if needed). Your SLAC POC will guide you through the process.
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While You Are Here
  • Bring valid ID with you
  • Certain foreign nationals may need to present original passport and visa documentation at the VUE Center (Badging Office).
  • If your work at SLAC requires you to have a badge or dosimeter, your POC will guide you through the process.
  • Please wear an attitude of safety awareness. You are expected to drive and work carefully while on site to ensure your own safety and that of our other guests and employees. You must obey all traffic safety regulations on site and all safety procedures, even if they differ from those at your home institution. Please conduct all work safely, following SLAC procedures.
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When You Leave
  • Please return any SLAC-issued badges and equipment to your POC.

If you have any questions about the arrival process, please contact your SLAC POC or the VUE Center.