1. Please coordinate with your SLAC POC as soon as you know when you will visit, so that any required pre-arrival steps can be completed in time.
  2. Once your visit is confirmed, you can start making your necessary travel arrangements. Visitor travel guidance can be found on the SLAC Travel website.
  3. Depending on your role and the purpose of your visit, you may be asked to provide advance copies of identifying documents and complete and sign certain forms.
  4. Please complete your SLAC Site Access visitor form

    Launch Visitor Form

  5. Once your SLAC Site Access visitor form is complete and approved, you will receive an email confirmation of your visit. Please check your email. 

  1. Bring valid ID with you
  2. Certain foreign nationals may need to present original passport and visa documentation at the VUE Center (Badging Office).
  3. If your work at SLAC requires you to have a badge or dosimeter, your POC will guide you through the process.
  4. Please wear an attitude of safety awareness. You are expected to drive and work carefully while on site to ensure your own safety and that of our other guests and employees. You must obey all traffic safety regulations on site and all safety procedures, even if they differ from those at your home institution. Please conduct all work safely, following SLAC procedures.

  1. Please return any SLAC-issued badges and equipment to your POC.