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Please visit the Social Security page of Stanford's Bechtel International Center for detailed information regarding eligibility for, and how to obtain, a Social Security number.

Please visit the Drivers License page of Stanford's Bechtel International Center for details on how to apply for a California driver license.

Upon entering a US port of entry, you will be asked to present documentation to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Inspections Officer. It is very important that, before you leave the inspections area, verify with the CBP officer that you were issued the correct immigration status.

You will likely be "inspected electronically", meaning that you will not issued a paper I-94 arrival/departure card, but rather will be entered into CBP's system electronically. You may also be issued an ink entry stamp in your passport.  If you receive an inked entry stamp (per sample images below), ensure that it was issued for the correct immigration classification. Incorrect information on an inked entry stamp may not necessarily be a problem as long as your electronic I-94 record is accurate. Therefore, you should also download a copy of your electronic I-94 record from CBP's website as soon as you have arrived to ensure that you were issued the correct immigration status.

SLAC badges cannot be issued to individuals holding waiver for tourist (WT) or tourist (B-2) status. If you receive a WT or B-2 ink stamp in your passport, please explain to the officer you are in the US to conduct business at a US federally-funded laboratory which requires you hold a business status visa (either a waiver for business (WB) or business visitor (B-1)). You may ask for a supervisor if the CBP Inspections Officer does not understand or is unable to make the correction in your passport.

Passport stamps

U.S. Citizens and Residents

U.S. citizens and residents age 16 and over must present government-issued photo identification, such as a passport, current driver’s license or a photo identification card issued by a state’s motor vehicles department.

Driver’s licenses that do not have photographs or that are marked with the statement “cannot be used for identification purposes” are not acceptable.

If you’re a foreign national who has visited SLAC before and are now a naturalized U.S. citizen, then please bring your original certificate of naturalization or updated passport so we can update your records accordingly.

Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals must present a valid original passport plus additional visa documentation. Please see Foreign Nationals for details on entry requirements and supporting documentation.

Please visit the Tax Information page of Stanford's Bechtel International Center for detailed information regarding US tax requirements.

Be sure your required training is current, then go to the VUE Center, room 1030. Please bring your old badge with you.