What brings you to SLAC?

   SLAC is currently operating with limited restrictions due to COVID-19. Users should check with their experimental Point of Contact and the user office well in advance of engagement to determine if any access will be permitted; if so, they will need to follow specific protocols to be admitted. Please check our COVID-19 website   for the latest updates regarding coming to SLAC.



About Us


I am coming to SLAC as a sub-contractor or temporary worker; I am collaborating on a project that does not involve the LCLS, SSRL, FACET-II/Test facilities or SLUO; or I am coming for a short visit (e.g., to give a lecture or visit a staff member).


Facility User


I wish to use the LCLS, SSRL, Cryo-EM or FACET-II/Test facilities to perform experiments; or I want to gain access to other SLAC resources to do research.

New Employee

New Employee

I am a new SLAC employee and would like to find out what resources are available to help me get started.