SLAC Site Access Portal

All individuals coming to SLAC must enter their personal information into the Non-Employee registration form. If you are foreign national and will be performing work, additional documentation will be required. Please review the definition for performing work and answer the questions below accordingly. 



   For the Health and Safety of everyone, SLAC is operating with COVID-19 restrictions. Please check our COVID-19 website 


Will be paid indirectly by SLAC through invoice or Stanford funds transfer


  • I am working at SLAC through a Temp Agency, Consulting company or am an Independent Contractor


  • I am a Department of Energy Employee


  • I am an Intern participating in CCI, SULI, MEISPP or SCGSR


  • I am a Stanford University Employee, Post-doc or Student


  • I am a Sub Contractor or Construction Worker


Affiliated with SLAC but no payments or funding through SLAC


  • I am employed by someone other than SLAC and am collaborating with SLAC employees


  • I am an Intern participating in STEM Core or STAR


  • I am an Unpaid Intern


  • I am a Scientist conducting experiments on one of SLAC’s User Facilities (LCLS, SSRL, FACET, Cryo-EM, LSST)



If there are five or less visitors in the group, please launch and complete the form for each individual. If there are more than five visitors in the group, please email Simon Ovrahim and Josh Williams.

When filling out the onboarding registration form, please select “No” for the question “Will you be collaborating at SLAC?

Visiting SLAC






Visiting SLAC






Please Note: The form is internal and requires that you to be on the SLAC network either by being on site or connected via VPN or Citrix. You will need your SLAC username and password to access the form.


Food Delivery/Rideshare






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